McDonald Farm

Welcome to McDonald Farm

Welcome to McDonald Farm

Welcome to McDonald FarmWelcome to McDonald Farm

We are a small operation but we set BIG standards.

Our Cattle


Limousine: Fullblood and Purebred

We have both fullblood and purebred Limousine cattle. We strive for outstanding quality in our animals from structural soundness to top quality EPD's. We implement sucessful stratigies to balance traits to help improve every area to allow for gains to be made through  the beef industry.

Young bulls soon ready for sale

Our newest editions are almost ready to go! 100% Fullbloods with excellant qualities and genetics.

Cyclone's Aftermath and Unstoppable Nick, both will make excellant additions as young heard sires to any heard. 

Our purebred sire


Our Purebred Sire

Our newest eddition... An Alter Ego prodigy ( JLWM 8206F)

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McDonald Farm

Strasburg, Virginia, United States Call or text (540) 335.7743